Workshop on “Musing on the concept of Good Environmental Status: the complexity of the status and the status of complexity”, jointly organised by JPI-Oceans and Bluemed CSA 2-4 December 2020, online

Effective linkages are needed between emerging knowledge, innovative approaches and techniques in marine science and its practical understanding, and possible uses within the MSFD context. This means that criteria, including threshold values, methodological standards, and proper representation of the MSFD descriptors, should be periodically reviewed and amended in the light of scientific and technical progress. The efficient mechanisms for such revisions should also be built and strengthened, including development of new and innovative observational schemes and techniques, available for Member States. This will lead to a better consistency in the determination of the GES of different marine regions in the European Seas.

In such a context science can contribute revising or introducing criteria, apply risk-based approach, and provide rigorous definitions to sharpen and refine/specify the concept of thresholds and, in turn, of the Good Environmental Status (GES). Science has also the responsibility to foster data harmonization and interoperability, as well as integrations among MSFD Descriptors.



This workshop is officially part of the wide promotional action approved and supported by the Implementation plan of Bluemed “Understanding pollution impacts, mitigation and remediation in the Med Sea”. Also, it is fully taking into account the recommendation to ‘Support a better definition of GES and harmonize assessment criteria for priority contaminants’, addressed in the framework of the Mediterranean Workshop preparing the UN-Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development.

The workshop aims at addressing the scientific contribution to design and structure a complementary path in addressing the Good Environmental Status, where individual and official positions are asked to confront within a scientific and interdisciplinary approach. Participants can contribute to launch a “small world network” for the identification of the most relevant “theoretical and operational” aspects and paths to be considered.

Different aspects will be addressed and shared, in particular focusing on how science, governance and implementation can be integrated taking into account the state-of-the-art. The output of the workshop will be summarized into a document which will report the main aspects and recommendations for future developments.


Picture Credit: MARUM - Center for Marine Environmental Sciences
Picture Credit: MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences


Participation in the workshop, which will be held in English, is free but a registration is necessary at the following link:

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2-4 December 2020, online

Organisers: JPI-Oceans, BlueMed


For further information please contact: annalisa.alessi[at]

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The workshop is been jointly organized by the EU Initiatives BlueMed and JPI-Oceans to support the implementation of the JPI Oceans’ action  ‘Science for Good Environmental Status’, and funded by BlueMed CSA