The BlueMed Implementation Plan published Operational tools to develop a sustainable Blue Economy in the Mediterranean area

«The governance of our common Mediterranean Sea in the present circular scenario requires an adaptable co-owned plan of actions, interconnecting science and innovation to policy, citizens and the environment, and addressing multiple dimension, from local to international»: these are the beginning words of the BlueMed Preliminary Implementation Plan, the most mature result of the BlueMed years-long effort in supporting the  coordination and development of the Mediterranean countries’ initiatives aimed at building the sustainable Blue Growth of the Basin.

The document presents the shared priority goals, resulting from the preliminary Prioritisation work, and addresses thematic and structuring activities to be developed in order to ignite a transformative process at Mediterranean level. Each priority, closely linked to a key challenge in the shared BlueMed Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda, comes with an “operational receipt” to reach the priority goal and with a set of Strategic Actions, i.e. larger and medium-long term initiatives and activities, with specific scientific or structural content that require strong commitment and additional dedicated resources from research funders; moreover, for each Strategic Action a proposal of feasible promotional actions is reported.

The level of participation reached in the actions’ defnition was large, and it can be considered one of the major strengths of the process, which contributed to create a cohesive BlueMed Community. The list of authors and contributors includes indeed the GSO BlueMed WG’s delegates, the partners of the BlueMed CSA supporting the Initiative, the Coordinators and National Pivots animating the BlueMed Platforms.


An infographic of the priorities for the Mediterranean identified within the BlueMed initiative.