Expected Results & Impact

Change the way of thinking of different communities in the Mediterranean area, from North to South and from East to West, to a more comprehensive approach, establishing the Blue Growth concept in one of the most attractive areas in Europe.

Spread the seed, stimulate new and cutting-edge integrated activities and develop actions designed to successfully react to modern challenges.

Move towards an operational phase in the future, achieving the goals – through future actions – of the Vision Document of the BLUEMED Initiative

Promote the excellence and increase the competitiveness of EU researchers, industry and SMEs within the marine and maritime sectors


Offer new chances to implement professional skills of interest for the marine and maritime sectors


Establish a new integrated approach to create real impact through a balanced and synergistic relationship between industrial development, academic research and innovation, and coupling private and public end-users requirements

Overcome key innovation bottlenecks currently holding back a successful approach to a modern vision on the Mediterranean Sea and meeting new strategies among different field of actions.

Boost the sustainable economic growth of the European maritime sectors, upgrading the services of the marine environment, its resources and the cultural heritage in the most sustainable way


Encourage easy access to fully integrated observing and forecasting systems for continuous and long-term observations of crucial environmental variables also related to societal needs


Support integrated science, technology and policy efforts needed to contribute with innovative marine and maritime technologies, methodologies and approaches

Maximise the impact of national and EU-funded marine and maritime research, promoting at Mediterranean level the creation of a long-term transnational Operational Network of research funders


Contributing to the implementation of the EU Integrated Maritime Policy (IMP), Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), Maritime Spatial Planning Directive (MSP), Common Fisheries Policy (CFP), in the Mediterranean


Bring strategic, technological and economic benefits that will create a momentum for progress. The approach to be implemented is ‘future-proof’.

Lead to a suite of functional tools capable of providing an improved, realistic and operative BLUEMED SRIA for the Mediterranean area

Create an awareness of BLUEMED vision in communities of hundreds of people.

Improve infrastructure and human capacity by proposing new schemes for enhancing the Blue Growth concept in the Mediterranean, thus promoting “blue” careers



Impact on the alignment of funding, the strengthening of the cooperation between research key funders, the improvement of the coordination and the addressing of priorities

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