LIFE4MEDECA: a wake-up call for the Mediterranean LIFE4MEDECA Project launched

LIFE4MEDECA aims to support the preparation of Emission Control Areas (ECA) in the Mediterranean Sea by stimulating a consensus between EU and non-EU Countries.

The Preparatory Project LIFE4MEDECA website is now online, and you can follow the projects’ updates as well as find more details on the prjects’ aim at the link:


The main project objectives include:

    OBJ.1   Complete the knowledge gathering based on current understanding and studies in synergy with the work being undertaken internationally under the coordination of REMPEC (the Regional Marine Pollution Emergency Response Centre for the Mediterranean Sea)

    OBJ.2   Carry out additional socio-economic impact assessments on deep sea shipping, short sea shipping and on other relevant activities such as fishing, tourism and others as well as, on biodiversity. Identify needs, bottlenecks and barriers to the designation of an ECA.

    OBJ.3   Develop MEDECAs scenarios and quantifying costs and additional benefits to explore and assess different realistic regulatory steps in terms of geographical scope, air pollutants and date of entry into force

    OBJ.4   Establish a diverse ‘reference’ group of stakeholders, and to engage them in targeted consultations to gather relevant additional knowledge, to identify further needs, to facilitate transfer of best practices and to dialog with and across industry. In addition, to assess possible cost impact mitigation including through EU funding opportunities.

    OBJ.5   Provide expertise for technical and legal capacity building, as well as, for financial support of the perspective MEDECA Countries

(source: LIFE4MEDECA wesbite)