Hellenic Centre for Marine Research     (HCMR)      Greece

Iza oceanografiju i ribarstvo     (IZOR)      Croatia

The Malta Council for Science & Technology     (MCST)      Malta

Direcao-Geral de Politica do Mar
    (DGPM)      Portugal

National Institute of Biology
  (NIB)      Slovenia


Partners’ Map


Partners represent Research Performing Organizations, Research Funding Agencies and Ministries.

The involvement of Funding Agencies and of Research Performing Organizations with experience in supporting and/or interfacing with different stakeholders, including policy-makers, private companies and civil society, is a fundamental spur for the implementation of the project’s activities in the framework of the BLUEMED Initiative.

This will also count on the inclusion, as third party linked to one full partner, of the business and innovation world class sea cluster Pôle Mer Méditerranee.


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