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In order to achieve BLUEMED’s objectives identified in the Strategic Agenda, research infrastructures (RI) are key. RI have strongly developed in the past year and cover already a large proportion of the scientific needs of research and innovation communities.

In the framework of the BLUEMED project, a Research Infrastructure high-level Conference will be organized in 2019. The conference will provide inputs to support the promotion of the BLUEMED roadmap for the deployment of research infrastructures, expected at the end of 2019. Stakeholders from various sectors (public and private, research and innovation, businesses etc.) and from various EU and non-EU countries will be involved in the process. The bottom-up strategy will bring the expectations and needs of the blue growth stakeholders working on the ground to the highest political level, through collaboration with the national pivots and the BLUEMED platforms.

Two major stakes will be addressed during the BLUEMED project: first, sharing RI – how to link and to facilitate collaboration between different scientific domains and stakeholders in order to boost knowledge and innovation; second, long-term sustainability of RI – how to maintain them, how to upgrade their equipment and tools, and how to enhance training of users.

RI occupy an important portion of the BLUEMED Strategic Research and Innovation Agenda and are mentioned in the following goals and actions:



Develop optimal aquaculture strategies, technologies and practices

Develop new strategies, technologies and practices to make aquaculture sustainable

From traditional maritime economic to blue growth activities

Consolidate existing infrastructure that supports the development of innovative green technologies performed by the Mediterranean clusters

Greening vessels and facilities

Design and develop innovative infrastructure solutions to improve the sustainability of ports, with special reference to energy efficiency and externalities relating to the surrounding built environment

Towards an observing system of systems

Develop an integrated Mediterranean observing system, based on existing European networks and consortia, including European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures, and national infrastructure, in line with the overall European contribution to global observing systems

Tailor-made sensors and platforms

Develop new ideas for robotic systems and devices to explore and work on the seabed in deep-sea area

Changing the rationale: one platform, multiple uses and activities

Spatialise and cross-check: offshore fixed and mobile infrastructure distribution and environmental monitoring and surveillance needs from coasts to open sea

Develop new concepts and protocols with private companies and maritime operators to maximize the use of infrastructures, ships and platforms for scientific and environmental monitoring, safety and security purposes

Develop tailor-made technologies to improve efficiency on installations for the exploitation of marine renewable energies (wind, current and waves)




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