Strategic Board

The Strategic Board (SB) of the BLUEMED Initiative is the governing body steering and promoting the BLUEMED Initiative. The Strategic Board facilitates the adoption of the BLUEMED SRIA at country level, favouring cooperation and alignment of regional initiatives such as EUSAIR and WESTMED. To fully exploit all opportunities that can support the implementation of BLUEMED priorities and strategies, the BLUEMED Strategic Board liaises with relevant public and private organisations and programmes management authorities, and disseminates BLUEMED achievements in policy events.

Coordinated by Italy, DG R&I and DG MARE, it is joined by representatives from Croatia, Cyprus, France, Greece, Malta, Spain, Portugal and Belgium.



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Chair: Fabio Fava, IT, Country representative
Vice-chair: Nuno Lourenco, PT, Country representative
Vice-chair: Vangelis Papathanassiou, GR, Expert

Representatives of the European Commission:

Sigi Gruber, DG R&I | Luca Marangoni, DG MARE

Other country representatives:

Christos Aspris, CY | Ian Gauci Borda, MT
Laura Yuste Cano, ES | Emmanuelle Klein, FR
Valerie Dehaudt, FR | Marilaure Gregoire, BE
Marina Jurjević, HR | Vassilios Lykousis, GR
Marta Sabec, SI


Chantal Cahu, FR | Pier Paolo Campostrini, IT
Margherita Cappelletto, IT | Vlado Malacic, SI
Pier Francesco Moretti, IT | Laurent Mortier, FR
Ivica Vilibic, HR | Kathrine Angell-Hansen, JPI-Oceans


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